December 6, 2021
Public Relations Degree Programs

Top Universities for Public Relations Degree Programs

Everyone these days wants someone to run the show from behind the scenes. If it’s handling a political crisis or just keeping up with the daily correspondence, working in Public Relations is a fast-paced, high-reward career. If you’re a positive communicator and know how to think quickly on your feet, then you fit the bill for a Public Relations Master’s Degree. Are you interested in how constructive communication can strengthen societies and have an influence? Would you have a passion for media, whether it’s print, digital, or broadcast? Want to communicate with various populations? Need to become a top marketer in your industry? Then a public relations career can just be for you! Here a few top Public Relations degree programs you should consider:

Top Public Relation Degrees:

To find the best degrees in public relations, we first analyzed each program, by adding key variables such as credibility and retention, we narrowed our list. The latter represents satisfaction among the students. We have looked from there at tuition rates and average graduate salaries to assess the return on investment. So, listed below are a few top choices for you:

Georgetown University:

Smack-dab in the center of our nation’s capital, Georgetown University is kicking off our list for getting the nation’s best master’s degree in public relations. This private research institution is known not only for its outstanding academic rankings but also for its high percentage of student participation and advocacy. If you are serious about Public Relations, Georgetown University is the place to be. This degree, a Master’s degree in Public Relations & Corporate Communications is structured as a hybrid model that links you to Washington D.C. Get-go Networking. You’ll take courses over time, like Communications research, management of global crises, media relations and employee involvement, and internal communication.

University Of Southern California:

 The University of Southern California is situated in a center of culture and entrepreneurship and has educated thousands of industry leaders and creative thinkers. Home to Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, this LA-based research institution is located in Los Angeles. The University of Southern California (USC) is one of the West Coast’s best colleges. USC is a well-established pioneer for graduating elite business professionals, high in a variety of academic fields. More than 42,000 students are attending USC. 

USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism ensures you’ll thoroughly understand the values of free speech and press, the role of PR practitioners in shaping communications, and how communications impact the diversity of peoples and cultures. This degree in Public Relations includes courses such as Effective Writing for Social, Legal, and Ethical Public Relations Strategic Public Relations Research, Study, and Perspectives for Public Relations Business and Economic Foundations.

New York University:

 New York University (or NYU), a cultural touchstone for higher education, is headquartered in Manhattan but has branches across the globe. Established in 1831 it is a private university. According to a survey by a dissertation writing service, the student body numbers are more than 50,500 students. The M.S Two specialization concentrations take the form of Public Relations and Strategic Communication at NYU: Strategic and Organizational Communication, or Public Relations Management. All amounts claim a minimum of 42 hours of credit. You’ll also be offered the option to complete an internship. Several course highlights include Public Affairs: Public Opinion and Conflicts Management, Crisis Coordination, and Consultancy for Investor Relations. Students enjoy the impressive network of New York University links they find there. Graduates found roles in a large variety of places like Amnesty International, Bloomingdales, The New York Knicks, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

University Of Florida:

Florida University (UF) resides in Gainesville. It’s one of the best research-driven universities in the South, and is the best in the state, hands down. With more than 55,000 students and over 150 research centers, it is ground, sea, and space-grant institution. UF offers a BS degree in Public Relations through its Journalism and Communications Program. This large curriculum combines definitions and theory with practical implementations. Graduates went on to work in PR companies, industry, non-profit, government agencies, and more. Also, you may want to get the International Contact Certificate. Some classes that you will be taken at UF include Global Communication Law, Multimedia Writing, Public Relations Values, and Strategies for Public Relations. Not only is UF a university ranked nationally and internationally but many of its departments and schools are among the best of their kind. The business, agricultural science, computer science, and practically all the different engineering programs, for example, are among the top 100 best in the country.

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