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What Exactly is meant by “Power-Only Trucking”?

Category : Logistics 3 months ago

Power-only trucking, also known as power-only or power-only shipping, is the practice of renting the immediate services of a truck driver and their rig to pull a trailer of goods. Other names for this type of trucking include power-only and power-only shipping. Companies that don’t have their own drivers or don’t make a certain number of shipments each year can take advantage of this mode of shipping. The term “Power” refers to only one segment of the overall trucking service and operations industry. It refers to the practice of employing the services of a third-party carrier for the provision of trucking power for load shipments, such as SOULBROS DISPATCH. Because the trailers that carry the shipper’s freight come from a different source, this is typically referred to as power only, even though the truck itself is being provided. The use of power-only trucks enables greater control over the shipment of freight and contributes to the maintenance of uniformity across the entire fleet in terms of the transporting of trailers and the provision of general trucking services.