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Lychee Gin

Category : Foods 11 months ago

Spring, a time for new beginnings and reminiscing. Our Lychee Gin delivers a fond childhood memory, and even more fantastic - an amazing Gin. You won’t be disappointed, if you try over ice with a raspberry. Our founder Kingdom grew up in South Africa and one of his happiest childhood memories was playing at Grandmas house with his sisters, racing round the garden and enjoying the sunshine. One of their jobs was to pick the lychees from the trees so Grandma could take them to market, it’s this fond memory that started our search to create the perfect Lychee Gin to join our range of flavours. The search for the most authentic flavour and taste hasn’t been easy but we think we have created a special gin with a fruity, unique taste that invokes all those memories of fun, sunshine, good times and family.