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Ginger Gin - Kingdom’s Ginger Spiced Gin

Category : Foods 2 years ago

Here is the award-wining, hand-crafted Kingdom's Ginger Gin, lovingly created to warm your cockles. This Navy Strength Ginger Spiced Gin pairs beautifully with apple, pear, orange, or mango juice. For those of us who prefer a spiced gin rather than fruity this flavour should be your first choice. Kingdom’s spiced gin, award winning and navy strength is best enjoyed over ice or mixed with cranberry juice. Kingdom’s Ginger Spiced creates a drink that is subtle and refreshing and is so easy to drink we recommend you enjoy our spiced gin on its own over ice to really experience the flavours. There’s a good reason it’s been the most award-winning gin in the Kingdom Recommends range and that’s because of the combination of flavour, strength and smoothness. Traditionally spiced gin is served during the colder months but adding cranberry juice and serving in a tall glass, on a bed of ice, means this spiced gin is as much at home in the sunshine as it is in front of the fire on a cold winter night. Add a bottle of this spiced gin to your basket and drink Kingdom’s spiced gin any way you enjoy it most, with friends, with ice, with cranberry juice, but most of all with pleasure.