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Forester Chrome Gift Seal Embosser

Category : Shopping 1 week ago

The Forester Chrome Gift Seal Embosser is engineered for creating high-quality embossed impressions. It features a robust frame and meticulously crafted parts to ensure exceptional performance with every use. The embosser's reach extends approximately 1.5 inches into the paper, providing versatility for various document sizes. Its felt base prevents any movement during operation, ensuring stability and precision. This gift seal enhances the aesthetic of any office or desk space with its elegant design. Tailored to meet individual state specifications, which range from a 1-5/8 inch to a 2-inch diameter impression area, we assure compliance with your local requirements. Additionally, with every purchase, you'll receive a complimentary electronic seal delivered via email in multiple formats, including tif, jpg, pdf, and dxf, for your convenience.