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A Turquoise Ring - Ideal for Modern, Atypical Look

Category : Life Style 1 week ago

Many cultures all over the world have always had a great appreciation for the unique color turquoise. The earliest evidence of turquoise gemstones may be found in Egyptian tombs around 3000 BCE, where elaborate Turquoise Jewelry was worn. Egyptians used turquoise for inlay work, sculpted it into elaborate scarabs, and displayed it in elaborate gold necklaces and rings. One of the most famous examples of turquoise magnificence may be seen on King Tut's burial mask, which is heavily embellished with this alluring stone. The earliest turquoise mines are found on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, one of which is next to a historic temple honoring Hathor, the Greek goddess of joy and love who is also known as the patron saint of mining and a desert guardian. Turquoise was given the Egyptian word "mefkat," which means "delight" and "joy.”